VOENA Voices of Nations CD

Released 2006

Voena (Voices of Eve 'n' Angels) brings us their fourth excellent CD, 'Voices of Nations.' These 5 to 18-year-olds have an eclectic repertoire that includes originals and arrangements of folk music from all over the world, classical, pop and sacred music, sung in more than 20 different languages. Some favorites on this joyous collection are 'Sumbaie,' the Macedonian folk song 'Prsten Mi Padna, ' the West African 'Songs From Gahu,' the African gem 'Uyai Mose,' the African American Spiritual 'Wade in the Water,' the rhythmic South African tune 'Ipharadisi,' a reprise of the French song 'Vois Sur Ton Chemin,' a wonderful solo on the Disney standard 'When You Wish Upon A Star,' the Hebrew folk tune 'Dodi Li,' the ancient Persian 'Massom Massom' and Miriam Makeba's 'Pata Pata.' 'Voices' is another beautiful collection from talented, spirited VOENA.

  1. 1. VOENA Story

  2. 2. Hotari Koi

  3. 3. Sumbaie

  4. 4. Prsten Mi Padna

  5. 5. Rhythm of the Rain

  6. 6. Dark of the Moon

  7. 7. Songs from Gahu

  8. 8. Uyai Mose

  9. 9. Wade in the Water

  10. 10. Ipharadisi

  11. 11. Wichita Stick Game

  12. 12. A Child Has Come

  13. 13. Vois Sur Ton Chemin

  14. 14. Einini

  15. 15. When You Wish Upon a Star

  16. 16. Prayer of the Children

  17. 17. Et Dodim

  18. 18. Dodi Li

  19. 19. Massom Massom

  20. 20. Pata Pata

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