VOENA Voices of the Heart

Released 2017

This is not a “proper” stand-at-attention, white shirt, black slacks chorale. There is movement and colorful adornment and instrumental accompaniment and celebration. Director, Annabelle Marie, arranges familiar songs such as The Hanging Tree, Life On Mars and Hallelujah with a unique and fresh style set to bring out harmonic diversity through children's voices with percussive flavor by drummer, Jeff Campitelli.

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$20.00 CD

  1. 1.Thulele Mama Ya

  2. 2.Hallelujah

  3. 3.Over the Rainbow

  4. 4.I see Fire

  5. 5.Nature Boy

  6. 6.Should’ve Been My First Kiss

  7. 7.Life on Mars

  8. 8.Winter Trees

  9. 9.Loves Forever

  10. 10.The Hanging Tree

  11. 11.Aaj Mera Jee Kardaa

  12. 12.Toss the Feathers

  13. 13.Kothbiro

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