VOENA South Africa DVD

Released 2011

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$19.99 DVD

Come join VOENA as their journey brings them to South Africa to spread their message of peace and hope throughout Johannesburg, Pretoria, Drakensburg, Durban, Cape Town, and Soweto.....  


As goodwill ambassadors representing the U.S. at the prestigious International Soweto Festival in 2009,  VOENA captivates audiences as they sing their way into the hearts of the people, celebrating the cultural diversity that binds our nations together. 


Witness a cultural explosion of voice and movement as VOENA performs with Mara Louw, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and many more, marking this moment in history.  This stirring documentary captures the youthful energy and power of the children during unforgettable performances, along with moments of quiet grace in a shanty town in Soweto. You'll never look at South Africa the same way again!


Filmed by Thaddeus Setla

Edited by Derek Diaz Films