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Come take a peek into the inspiration behind VOENA, the a cappella group that has been reinventing the children’s choir since 1994. View parts 1- 5 here:

The Journey: An Education

Part 1 series focuses on the educational benefits of being a member of VOENA, beginning with mastering The Big Three, learning to use the body to express their physical singing, and ultimately creating a deep connection to the music.

The Journey: Voices of Rhythm

Part 2 takes a look at Voices of Rhythm, the select group of performers who rhythmically hold the choir together. Hear how Rhythm Coach, Jeff Campitelli, works to develop their rhythm and take VOR’s percussive skills to the next level, teaching them to feel the rhythm of everyone around them.


Part 3 takes a look at the creation of a smaller VOENA ensemble called CREAVO. Hear how Annabelle builds their  discipline to handle more and more difficult challenges, and teaches them what it takes to achieve anything they want, no matter how long it takes.


In part 4, VOENA Alumni remember the beginning when the choir was founded, and attribute their success in college and in the music business to traveling abroad and embodying the music, adding so much power to the performance. 


Part 5 takes a look at how VOENA is making a difference in kid’s lives. Current and past members tell us how it feels to be unconditionally accepted and embraced by their family of singers. Hear how Annabelle believes that each child has a unique gift to offer, and that the VOENA creativity not only comes from her, but that there is a wealth of creativity in all the children.

A film series by Aleza D'Agostino, Graphic Design and editing by Douglas Scott.

VOENA was honored to perform at the Second Annual “TEDxNapaValley” conference.  Organized around the theme “Connected”, this year’s conference featured the region’s leading thinkers, innovators, artists, philosophers and entertainers. Click here for photos, courtesy of Robert McClenehan and TEDx Napa Valley. 

The Journey a short film series

VOENA Children’s Choir

From the beginning of humanity, children's voices have brought inspiration through their innocence, capturing the hearts of all those who listen. Meet VOENA, children ages five to eighteen representing 35 cultures growing up in America as they come together in expression and exploration! 

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To Our Supporters

VOENA wants you!  Spring semester starts in early February and Fall semester starts in early September for children ages 6 to 18.  There are no auditions required to be acceptedClick here for more information...

2015 Voices of Cinema

To be in a room with Annabelle is to find yourself suddenly aware that you had been in a monotone existence void of color and sound only to have the curtains drawn and volume restored to LIFE. Feet begin to tap.  Hands clasp and rise before the hearts of audience members who hardly dare to breathe lest the exhalation cause the ...      (click for the full story)

Our Director - Annabelle Marie

At the White House & Abroad

VOENA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Click here to help support our general operations...

Performances & Tour

“If the world had the heart and the courage to see you and hear you, we would be different - we would be changed.  You are exactly what the world needs.  In your innocence and in your youth and talent, you can teach us so much.                

Dr. Maya Angelou

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2016 Voices of the Season


“For those who have not experienced a VOENA performance, this is not a “proper” stand-at-attention, white shirt, black slacks chorale. There is movement and colorful adornment and instrumental accompaniment and celebration. Standing ovations have become routine, and they are well earned.”

David Kerns - Napa Valley Register.              

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Napa Valley Opera House

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Carnegie Hall Fundraiser

VOENA invites you to a night of great music and special performances by Jeff Campitelli, former drummer for Joe Satriani, Peppino DAgostino, international acoustic guitarist and composer, Annabelle Marie, violinist, composer, founder/director of VOENA, and Carlos Reyes, world-renowned Paraguayan harpist and violinist. Sunday, January 21st 2018 2:30PM: Pre concert Wine and Cheese Reception and Silent Auction 4:00PM: Benefit Concert 6:00 to 6:30 PM: Meet and Greet with the artists $40 reserved ticket includes Pre-Concert Reception. $60 reserved ticket includes 1 drink coupon, Pre-Concert Reception and Meet and Greet after the show. Tickets on sale now!

French Laundry Fundraiser

VOENA would like to express our deepest gratitude to Chef Thomas Keller and his staff for making this fundraiser possible.   The superior attention to detail, flawless service, and incredible flavors of The French Laundry made this a truly unforgettable experience for all.