There is a no-audition policy as Annabelle believes that any child who has desire should be accepted.  

Members of VOENA currently come from five counties in Northern California.  Children range in age from 6 to 18, virtually creating a “one room schoolhouse” approach to learning music.




Inviting children, ages 3 ½ - 5 years old to a “music party” with teacher, Bridget DeMers. This is a journey of discovery that young children experience while making music the Voena way. Through imitation, experimentation, and personal expression, our little hummingbirds will learn naturally through games and singing. In the Voena process, aspects of play are developed consciously to involve learners with the elements of music and movement.



Offered to members new and old who might not want to sing but are interested in performing and helping with the production of the VOENA shows, recordings and videos.

Focus: Playing your instrument (or not if you are there just for the production experience) and working with other musicians in a band setting, learning how a live sound system works from the microphones to cables to the mixer and finally out to the speakers! Basic video production and editing including filming at rehearsals and shows. Stage design, lighting and production, learning what it takes to put on a full professional show at a major venue like the Lincoln Theater and Napa Valley Opera House. And finally how a recording studio works with a hands on experience recording all the musicians in this program. Will include guest teachers with years of knowledge and experience in one of these fields.


preparatory level

Entry level: Introduction to college prep theory of solfeggio and vocal technique. Emphasis on VOENA Big 3: Accepting challenges, having self-motivation, and having a hard work ethic. Learning to use the body to express their physical singing, and ultimately creating a deep connection to the music. Exploration in multi-lingual repertoire. 

Focus: Pitch production, fidget control, attention, and performance techniques. 

intermediate level

Prerequisite: Ionian and aeolian solfege scales plus knowledge of intermediate level current concert material. Level testing required.

Focus: Pitch production, attention, harmonic solfege, building repertoire the "Annabelle Way", rehearsal rules/requirements, refining physical performance.


Voices of rhythm prep/int

Offered to prep/intermediate choir members.

Focus: Basic rhythms as they relate to VOENA material, rudimentary movement used by VOENA performers, learning to relax and stay focused while performing, African djembe patterns and misc. percussion instruments, clapping patterns and dance movement, learning to celebrate rhythm and percussion.


concert choir I and ii

Prerequisite:  Ionian and aeolian fast scale patterns, ionian triads, knowledge of CC level current concert material. Level testing required including four songs from the VOENA repertoire  of songs.

Focus: Fine tune pitch production, harmonic solfege, introduce compositional and percussive techniques, physical presentation techniques, and extended a cappella work in multi-lingual texts. Knowledge of music the "Annabelle Way" and rehearsal rules/requirements.

voices of rHythm

A select group of concert choir members chosen for their natural sense of rhythm, and trained by world-renowned drummer Jeff Campitelli.  

Focus: Rhythm patterns on a variety of percussion instruments including djembe, drum pads, bodhran, and frame drums.

Extends to more difficult and challenging music and instrumentation to enhance the seasonal repertoire.


Only offered to seasoned performers from CC II Level, by invitation of the Director, Annabelle Marie.  

Focus: This group builds teamwork and leadership skills. Repertoire extends to difficult and challenging music.  Prestigious performance venues may be exclusive to this cutting edge group. Members are given opportunities to assist in teaching as well as leading camps.