Carnegie Hall Performance with Eric Whitacre

17 of our girls were chosen to represent the Bay Area in a world choir under the direction of Grammy Award winner, Eric Whitacre, for a performance at Carnegie Hall NY on April 08, 2018.

What an exciting opportunity of a lifetime!  The anticipation was heightened as preparation in NY included intense and long rehearsals for days before the big concert day. Hours and hours were spent on detailing the very intricate parts.  Voena gained such deeply insightful lessons from Eric Whitacre, as he gave his wealth of knowledge to help each choir member do their best and discover their potential.  New friendships were made with fellow choir members, including a group who traveled all the way from Dubai to be in this world choir. 

As the girls walked out on to the Carnegie stage and looked out at a sold out audience staring back at them with joy and thunderous applause, they knew this was the moment they had been preparing for. Carnegie Hall is the most honored stage in the world and here they were, after all the hard work, all the self-motivation, all the challenges, it was their time to shine and shine they did!  The acoustics were unmatched by any theater Voena has previously performed in.  To say these girls were changed is an understatement....they were transformed!  They walk taller, talk with more confidence, think as mentors and leaders, and want to make a difference.  One of our girls said, "I am so motivated for my life now because I know I can accomplish anything and people respect me for my Carnegie achievement."